What Your Education Doesn’t Cover

There you are on graduation day: cap on, degree in hand…the future is bright! You have great confidence that your education has given you everything you need to do well in a career. BUT, as good as colleges can be, they fall short at teaching a most important course, one that allows you to truly succeed without a mammoth obstacle course of stuck-ness that is so common in the post-college decade.


What should colleges be including in graduation requirements? A simple course that covers two main essentials would do the trick. The first essential: how to chart your path post-college. The second: How to move forward on that charted path with authentic direction.  [Note: I say authentic direction since I mean direction that incorporates knowing yourself, not to be confused with direction from others such as your parents, friends, or professors.]


Charting your path consists of (A) knowing yourself, (B) knowing your options, and (C) curating those options well. Moving forward with authentic direction includes the following five elements:

  1. Building and tapping into your personal and professional network.
  2. Do, do, do. Try, try, try.
  3. Be (present).
  4. Recognize the distractions & limit them.
  5. Adjust your sails regularly and with enthusiasm.


Stay tuned for the next post that dives deeper into the above-mentioned course work. And if you’re really stuck right now, connect with Christine for a coaching session.